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Uplift Capture best practices
Uplift Capture best practices

Recommendations, requirements, tips and tricks for ensuring the best possible results with Uplift Capture

Written by Matthew Kowalski
Updated over a week ago

Uplift Capture is a powerful, portable system that enables your to capture your athletes or patients movements indoors and out; on the field, court or clinic; without the need for expensive or cumbersome alternatives. Because Uplift runs on easily available iOS devices, and because of its portability, there are a few recommendations that will make sure the you're capturing high quality movements and analysis.

Connect 2 of the same devices

Uplift works best when both devices used are of the same type—2 iPad Pros, or 2 iPhone 13 Pros—rather than mixing and matching devices. This is important to make sure both camera angles use the same resolution and video settings.

Use approved devices

Uplift currently runs on iOS devices. For a full list of supported devices, click here.

Ensure a fully charged battery

A fully charged battery is always a good idea when starting a new capture session. This improves the performance of your mobile devices and

Capture 3s or longer clips for best results

Our model works best when we can capture enough video to identify and track all of the body. While you can capture shorter clips, we recommend capturing 3 second clips at a minimum. Our 3-second shooting mode ensures you get clips that are long enough.

Ensure connectivity

Uplift works by establishing a connection between both devices, so both video angles are always in sync. In order to pair your devices successfully, make sure:

  1. Both devices are signed into the same Uplift account

  2. Both devices are signed into the same wifi network

This will make sure your devices can connect to one another and your data stays in sync.

Use a bluetooth controller when you can't be near the devices

You may run into cases where you'd like to capture a player's movement, but you can't be near the phone. In those cases, we've seen a lot of success when using a bluetooth camera remote control. This is a device that can be paired in bluetooth settings (see full instructions here). Pair this remote with your primary device (the one you initiated the session on).

When controlling Uplift Capture with a bluetooth remote, staying within 15 feet of the primary device with ensure your bluetooth remote properly triggers the camera for each capture.

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