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Troubleshooting missing captures in reports
Troubleshooting missing captures in reports

Follow this guide if some or all of your captures are not being included in a report.

Written by Matthew Kowalski
Updated over a week ago

If you've run a few sessions capturing movements for which we generate reports (currently: baseball pitching), you may sometimes notice that not every capture is being included in the report:

This is because every capture we process goes through a quality assurance process that checks the captured video data to make sure the joint centers and biomechanical data we're processing looks correct. When a capture fails the QA pass, it will not be included in the report so as not to compromise that report's results.

In some very rare cases, all captures in a session could fail the QA pass. When this happens, you'll receive an email stating that a report could not be generated for that athlete.

To ensure your motion captures are processed correctly, follow the steps in this article. Following these steps will give you the highest accuracy and will improve the quality of your captures and reports.

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