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Using Uplift Capture
Using Manual Distance Entry
Using Manual Distance Entry

How to set your capture devices at different distances from the athlete.

Written by Matthew Kowalski
Updated over a week ago

Uplift Capture now includes the ability to set your capture devices at different distances than our standard 7.5 feet. This helps improve the flexibility of where you set up your iOS devices to capture movements, without compromising data accuracy. This feature is especially useful in tight quarters like batting cages or when one or both cameras need to be moved back to keep the whole movement in the recording.

To use this feature, during camera setup you will see an option for "Manual Distance Entry". Selecting this allows you to enter the distance between the camera (midpoint of the tripod) and the athlete.

Please make you measure and enter this distance correctly for each camera. You can set each camera at different distances (for example, Primary at 10 feet, Secondary at 12 feet) but it's still important that the cameras are set at a 90-degree offset from one another (as shown in the camera placement images in the app).

To watch a video on this feature and how to use it, click below:

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