Using Landscape Mode

How and when to use Landscape Mode in Uplift Capture.

Written by Matthew Kowalski
Updated over a week ago

Uplift Capture now allows capturing video in landscape mode for select movements. This feature is especially useful for capturing the entirety of an athlete's movement as they travel horizontally through the video frame. Landscape mode is currently enabled for Baseball Pitching due to the nature of the pitching motion and the pitcher's movement down the mound.

When choosing a movement for which Landscape Mode is enabled, you will be prompted to choose which orientation you'd like to capture in:

Upon selecting "Landscape", you will be prompted to switch both devices to landscape orientation.

After proceeding through camera setup and calibration, you will be able to capture normally in the new orientation.

Please note that once you've switched the devices to landscape mode, you can continue to use the app in this mode for the remainder of your capture session - including choosing a new athlete, starting a new session, and uploading videos. If you start to capture a new movement that is not enabled for Landscape Mode capture, you will be prompted to return your devices to portrait orientation.

Because Landscape Mode shortens the height of the video frame, you may need to move the cameras back further back to capture the entire athlete, especially for taller individuals. In this case, use the Manual Distance Entry option during setup to measure and enter the distance between the cameras and the athlete.

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